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Welcome to our FAQs

If you don’t find the answer to your question here, feel free to use the Contact Us form to ask your question and set up a 15-minute phone consultation.

+ How long are your sessions?

Sessions are 50 minutes. Longer sessions are available and pro-rated accordingly. Sometimes, I recommend longer sessions for couples, as we often see results faster.

+ How much does therapy cost?

Sessions for individuals and couples are $130. Because I believe everyone has a right to mental health services, I have a number of sliding scale spots. You are welcome to ask me about the availability of those when you contact me. I will do my best to provide quality referrals if we can’t work together due to finances.

I accept cash, check and credit/debit cards.

+ How to choose a therapist

Choosing a therapist can be tricky. The chemistry has to be right. You want to feel safe, supported, that you can open up, get messy and be vulnerable. Trust your gut instincts. There are some great articles online that dive into this topic more. https://www.mindfulcenter.org/cmpblog/2016/12/2/why-fit-matters-finding-your-ideal-therapist?rq=right%20therapist

+ How long does therapy take?

Everyone is different. Your process will be unique. Therapy can last from a few months to years. It can depend on numerous factors including what you want to work on, how much support you have, your background, your motivation to change, current stressors and more.

I am clear that the intention of therapy is relief from your challenges and increased quality of life. We will periodically assess how therapy is going and if things are changing.

Some people decide that on-going therapy enriches their lives in ways that merits continuing, others address a specific concern and move on. For some, new goals emerge as they are inspired by their own growth. You will decide what is right for you.

+ Insurance

At this time I do not bill insurance. Payment is due at the time of services. I can provide a monthly bill that you can submit to your insurance to pursue reimbursement.

To find out more about your mental health benefits ask your insurance company

  • Do they reimburse for psychotherapy?
  • What are your mental health benefits?
  • What is your reimbursement is for an out of network psychotherapist?
  • What are your benefits for Associate Marriage and Family Therapists?

+ Cancellations

We have a 48-hour cancellation policy at the Center for Mindful Psychotherapy. If we cannot re-schedule for that week, you will be charged for visits missed if cancelled with less that 48 hours notice. Feel free to ask me more questions about this if you have concerns.

+ Transportation/Getting here

I am located at 2919 Sacramento Street (and Divisadero) in Lower Pacific Heights, a quiet neighborhood in San Francisco. There is ample street parking, both metered and two hour.

Muni routes 1,3 and 24 all stop within a couple of blocks of my office. Muni route 22 and 38 stop nearby.


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