Colette Mercier Counseling San Francisco CA

Change is possible.


There’s hope. You can grow... and thrive.

Life can be overwhelming, sad, disappointing, painful, confusing and more. You might feel alone and that you don’t know what you need to weather the storm.

Some part of you knows something else is possible. You feel that your stuck, dark and scary places do not define you. You are ready for something to change. There’s a glimmer of hope that you can feel better, be better, even shine.

Colette Mercier Counseling San Francisco CA

We all need support.


Someone who’s on your team. Who has your back. Someone who can help you find your unique path through the storm.

My clients are courageous. It takes guts to reach out for support and look inside our selves. No matter what you struggle with, the right support can change everything. Together we uncover your strengths. We remove blocks to your capacity to live an authentic, gratifying life.

Colette Mercier Counseling San Francisco CA

Find your resilience.


Resilience is your strength. It’s your innate ability to heal, grow and change. It’s a secret ability we all have.

Resilience is what makes us bounce back when faced with difficult emotions and nearly impossible life circumstances. We all have it. It’s our capacity to heal even if our hearts have been broken many times over. Resilience is what makes us rise up, face imperfections and come out better for it in the end.

Colette Mercier Counseling San Francisco CA

You can be you.


Unapologetically. Completely.

Maybe you’ve tried being what someone else wanted you to be. Maybe you feel conflicted about who you are. You might struggle with self-esteem and be your own worst enemy at times. Being our selves is foundational to leading a full and joyful life. It sounds simple but can be difficult to do. I support you to embrace all of you. With self-acceptance we can find greater peace with what life brings and shine bright regardless.

Colette Mercier Counseling San Francisco CA

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