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Live more fully.

Therapy can support us to live more fully.  My clients are experiencing blocks that limit their ability to lead rich lives with satisfying, nourishing relationships. Therapy is a place to explore what holds you back. 

Behaviors and ways of thinking that hold us back are often connected to hurts from the past. Giving these hurts a little room with the support of a therapist often transforms the pain allowing different ways of being to evolve.

Remove blocks and learn about you.

You may be confused about why you feel so stuck. You may notice that the same feelings or situations arise over and over. When we are stuck we unconsciously react to life in the same way again and again. This happens when one reaction is strong and others are under developed.  The strong reaction is often something we did in the past to get through an overwhelming or challenging experience. At the time, it helped us. A lot. Unfortunately, we automatically use that same reaction as a way to navigate all upsetting situations. This is how we get stuck in a repetitive pattern that doesn’t work for us. 

Colette Mercier Counseling San Francisco CA

Expand your choices.

I help you to widen your range. We learn about you. We build awareness of your feelings and your body. This increases your capacity to be with your emotions. The ability to be with triggering experiences and still feel connected with our selves changes everything. Our capacity to be with difficult emotions is also our capacity to feel joy, to love and to experience freedom. Strengthening your ability to be with what is happening gives you more choices of how to respond.  You can learn how to find qualities like courage, ease, a confidence in yourself or even feel safe when life around you is less than ideal.  You can experience greater satisfaction, enjoyment and nourishment.

We uncover your strengths and resilience.

As humans, resiliency is what drives us towards improvement, adaptation, growth and healing. We often forget how strong we are. Our ability to bounce back from challenges, childhood pain and the struggles life brings is our resilience. We all have resilience. Empowering your resilience is my special skill as a therapist. Together we learn what supports you to access and increase your resilience. 

Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but actually you’ve been planted.
— Christine Caine
Colette Mercier Counseling San Francisco CA

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