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pregnancy & new parenthood


It’s a dynamic time, ripe for growth.

People in the childbearing years come to therapy for a wide range of reasons. It’s a time of transitions, both joyful and challenging. It can be overwhelming. It can bring out old pain and unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

Becoming a parent is a beautiful endeavor, however the journey to parenthood can be anything but straightforward. You could be faced with difficulties getting pregnant, infertility and fertility treatments, sperm donor decisions, adoptions challenges, a high-risk pregnancy or postpartum. For some, the hormonal shifts alone can make being in your skin a struggle. Pregnancy loss, chronic miscarriages or infant loss can be devastating. Heart-ache can be part of the package.  

The pregnancy and postpartum periods have unique demands. New parenthood can be physically and emotionally unpredictable. This can be provocative for some. Watching your body change or wondering if you will be a good parent can bring up many feelings. Old hurts surface easily. Some parents do not want to repeat patterns from their families of origin. There may be things that were missing for you that you want your child to have. The motivation to create a loving space for a child is a wonderful reason to seek therapy in the prenatal and postpartum periods. 

In session we will explore what is coming up for you in these times—your wants, desires, longings and fears. Whatever the challenges you are facing, therapy can help you navigate through the journey in a way that supports you to be a better parent, partner and person. We seek ways to gleam the learning from your struggles. Whatever the path for you, the wisdom gained can enrich your relationships and life for the better.

My background with Pregnancy & Postpartum.

I have been providing holistic prenatal, birth and postpartum care as a Licensed Midwife for the last 15 years. In therapy, I am passionate about supporting those on the journey of parenthood whether you are seeking to be pregnant, currently pregnant, post-partum or a new parent. 

In my work as a midwife, I saw first hand how much the emotional state of a birthing parent impacts the physical processes of labor and post-partum. I also witnessed how good support impacts those who are just learning their new roles as parents. Parents who felt empowered were better able to support their newborns and growing families. This is why I am passionate about this. It’s my contribution towards making a better, more loving world for future generations.  


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