Colette Mercier Counseling San Francisco CA



My work is client-centered.

I am accepting of what comes up and where you are in your process. I use mindfulness, somatic therapy and relational, trauma-informed practices. I work with a wide range of individuals and couples who hold diverse identities in their culture, race, sexual orientations, gender identity and more.  My work with each person is different based on what tools and approaches are most effective for you. My clients face a spectrum of mental health challenges including the following:

Death, Grief, Loss

Living in These Complicated Times

Big Life Transitions & Decisions



Non-traditional choices and lifestyles

Challenges of being a Caregiver or Helping Professional

Compassion Fatigue & Vicarious Trauma






Overwhelming Emotions


Sexual Trauma

Relationships Issues

Difficult Childhoods & Attachments

Pregnancy, Postpartum, New Parenthood


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How I support Couples Work.

Beyond the challenges above, couples therapy can create a healthy, flourishing relationship. The dynamic that people create in a relationship is at the heart of couples counseling. In couples work, we bring attention to the dynamic between two people, looking at how each person plays a part. Therapy for couples focuses on the some of the following areas:

Navigating similarities and differences

Utilizing the strengths of the relationship

Understanding patterns & dynamics

How to nourish your partner & allow yourself to be nourished.

Understanding your own reactions to your partner and how to respond better.





How to repair conflicts

Navigating a growing family 

New parenthood

How to interrupt habitual conflict/fighting


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Other areas of expertise.

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